TRA Founder and First President Joe Richards started the club in 1974,
and today is still a very active contributing member. It was Joe and other

TR friends at the time who invested in the dream of a Triumph that all could enjoy.

Today we celebrate those individuals as "Honorary Lifetime Members". Our 
thanks goes to: Tom Householder, Tom Mahoney, Joe Richards, Nino Richards,
Jeff Zimmerman and Jerry Zimmerman.



TS1LO First Production TR2 Restoration booklet 

Download this PDF file for a closer look at what makes this first production
TR2 so unique and fascinating. In TS1 and TS2 celebrated their 50-year anniversary
this past year, these cars were built together side-by-side in the early 1950s
and share many of the same fabrication and restoration challenges.

I hope you enjoy reading this booklet, click below to view and download










TS1LObooklet (1)